There is 'Hope' in Stogie.. Musical Teens Bring Positive Inspiring Entertainment to the Stage

Growing up for me entertainment was fun and entertaining, a time when the family spent quality time together creating memories and shared moments. Expressions of love wholesome interaction among family and friends. Since that time family moments have slowly began to disappear and our children are now turning to the streets for their interaction and bonding among peers. Music lyrics without proper mentoring and guidance has become questionable at the very least until now music lyrics, entertainment, and family times have become scarce for most families. Now there is hope.... Hangin with Stogie, is a teen girl group whose musical talent and songwriting has generated in a short time a fan base and tour that has family, fans, and friends also 'Hangin With Stogie'.. Their music is upbeat current and positive generating a togetherness in families drawing in the whole audience crowd which is inspiring and refreshing..
Though this musical threesome has a nice musical package to offer in their hand clapping, toe tapping,' musical style they to bring more to the stage ....a 'hope,' of a brighter day in musical entertainment where family, friends, and fans come together for a wholesome time and great memories bringing once again the hope that music that often changes in the current trend it also must come full circle.
So come and experience the true innocence and fun, family, entertainment and old school tradition with the new trend setters for hope with 'Hangin' with Stogie,'

Hangin With Stogie Recapture The Innocence Of Entertainment