How Do You Combat an Attack of the Drooly Face Rash?

Help - Baby G. has a teething rash that I can't control!

Up until now, we'd been really lucky with G's sweet, delicate and rather fair baby skin. Although her father suffers from some allergies and skin sensitivities - meaning she definitely has a higher risk for skin issues herself - she's not really had any problems. She did have a little baby acne at birth, but it wasn't much and it cleared up almost immediately. She also hasn't suffered from any of the scaly crud on her noggin known as cradle cap (unlike her olive-skinned, dark haired oldest sister, J, who had so much cradle cap that I spent her entire first year picking nonstop at her little head. I've read that darker-skinned babies are more likely to have cradle cap, and I believe it after seeing J's scalp). I wash G's baby clothes with the regular laundry - no special detergent or anything - and she never seems itchy. And best of all - knock wood - at five months, she's only had one minor bout with diaper rash, and that cleared up quickly with a little Desitin.

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But it looks like our luck on the healthy-skin front may be running out. G has begun developing what I can best describe as "drool rash" all around her mouth and chin. Some days, it gets pretty bad, especially when she spends any time outdoors now that the weather is getting cold. The rash seems to be the direct result of all the drool she's begin producing. Because she appears to be starting to get a couple of little teeth poking through her gums, and because she has kind of figured out how to get her fingers in her mouth, she is now sucking and chewing on her hands at every opportunity. And when she does this, she produces copious amounts of drool, which she proceeds to smear all around the lower half of her face. Because her face is then wet all the time, the skin is getting irritated and rashy.

I must admit that face rash is a new one for me as a parent. I know what to put on a rashy baby bum, and I know how to attack a rashy, scaly baby noggin. But what can you put on a baby's face to combat the drooly rash?

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