How Grown Children can hurt and disappoint Parents

Today, a friend sent me a super email with a how to handle stress ideas in it. So I took the main theme, which being PUT THE GLASS DOWN! (my own summary), and put little signs up in my house to remind me to walk away from the burdens that were comsuming me. That being my son and his wife not including us in the birth of our new grandson. We didn't ask to be there, it happens that she needed a ride to the hospital during her preterm labor, and I was there. Of course being the type of person I am, I brought food to them when they asked, money when they asked, and anything including taking care of their dogs during the 2 week stint. Then the baby came early the next week and we are left setting in the cold feeling like wicked step children. Asked to not come over after they came home, even after a full week. I have seen him 2 times since he was born. We live five blocks from them. Why is it that some, (not all) grown children forget what you've done for them, and hurt you so bad you can't breath. So today, I am going to take my friends advice and Put the cup down! It may weigh the same today as it did yesterday holding it, but the burden is only lighter if you rest awhile and put it down tommorow and the next week into the next month.
PS there are underlying issues that her mother lives in another state and she doesn't feel we need to be close to the children as much as her mom. Don't get it! but that's the way it is.