How to Achieve Peace

Can a single intention for peace impact countless lives on our planet? I think so. After all, it takes only a single pebble to ripple a body of water.

I have made it my habit to talk to [my] kids about major world events, and I considerInternational Peace Day(which was this past Sunday,September 21 st) to be one of the most important.No more fighting? exclaimed my 7 year old in amazement when I explained what the world had to do.(I saw him eyeing his little sister with that theres no way expression.)How do we do it?

If you can put actions around the word 'peace,' I said and keep those good intentions going in the hardest of times, you will have achieved peace.

We began to define for ourselves what the word peace meant.To my youngest, peace was defined as calm, to my oldest it was harmony, but for my 7 year old, the definition was a struggle. He wanted to look it up on the internet (scientist that he is).

To my dismay, the modern definition of the word peace is:a CONCEPT defined by an ideal state of relationship in absence of hostility." (A concept? As in a thought or a notion? Could this be part of why we struggle to attain peace in our lives?)

My son looked at me, "So peace is when no one is annoying you, right?" (Argh! That definition makes the other people own the responsibility, and I see the intention of peace as a shared duty... but I felt it not the time to argue!)

I then asked each of the kids to write some methods they could recommend to anyone who might want to find peace.

I am sharing my favorites here:

1. If you dont have something positive to say, write it in you r diary just make sure you hide it real well!

2. When you want to yell, try whispering instead. The people who love you will hear and forgive you. The people who dont were never worth the energy.

3. When you have to deal with someone you dont like, start every conversation by recognizing one thing theyve done thats not too bad.

4. If you feel angry, count to three before speaking 10 is way too many.

5. When someone does something great, celebrate them so that they want to do it again.

6. Share what youre doing so others can help or get inspired.

7. Be good.

Share peace with your kids. They're the ones that are going to skip a whole bunch of peaceful intentions across the body of our world.

-Lee Fox

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