Husband sacrifices life for his pregnant wife (saddest story of the day)

Erin and Brian Woods Photo: CBS NewsErin and Brian Woods Photo: CBS NewsThis is one of those stories that's so sad, it's almost hard to read.

Last Friday night, Vancouver couple Erin and Brian Wood were on their way to visit family in Washington state when an oncoming Chevy Blazer swerved directly in front of their car. Brian Wood slammed the brakes and turned the vehicle sharply to the right. Seconds later, when the Blazer crashed into the Wood's car, Brian, 33, was killed instantly. His wife, who is seven months pregnant, survived.

"It's pretty obvious if you look at the car that if it would have been a head-on crash, we both would have been killed, right along with our baby," Erin told the TODAY show yesterday. "He definitely saved us. He made that choice, and I'm thankful for that."

According to several reports, the driver of the Blazer, Jordyn Weichert, was trying to remove her sweater when the crash occurred. Police found heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and syringes in her car, along with a gun and two men in the Blazer's the backseat were ejected and killed during the accident. Weichert is in custody, charged with three counts of vehicular homicide. The arrest is little comfort for Erin Wood, whose baby is due November 5: "I'm just trying to draw a lot of strength right now knowing that [Brian] made that choice to save me and the baby, so I can't waste that gift," she told TODAY. "He wouldn't want me to."