I can't part with my baby's clothes

I have a niece who is six months younger than my baby girl. "Perfect," I thought. "I can send her all my daughter's old clothes." Yet every time I go through my baby's clothing to pack things up and send them off, I find myself sorting through saying, "Well, maybe I'll just keep this. And this. And this."

These clothes do not fit my daughter nor are they particularly interesting to anyone (other than me). I'm not talking about her Christening gown or the little hat she wore in the hospital. I'm talking about onesies and footie pajamas-clothes that will sit in storage going to no good use. I know keeping them is not very eco- or economically friendly (I should really re-purpose some of them), but I have the hardest time letting them go. I guess it's so hard to see her growing up so fast. Before I know it she is going to have clothes hang-ups just like I do some mornings.

Some CafeMoms don't want to part with their baby's clothes either, even if they don't plan on having another one. Others have sold items on Ebay or even made a quilt out of them.

Do you save your baby's clothes?

Written by Cafe Suzanne for CafeMom's Baby Buzz.