How to Introduce Your New Bundle of Joy

5 unique birth announcements.

Courtesy of MintedCourtesy of MintedBebe Steps

A love of new-wave cinema and a penchant for foreign languages are a few qualities you hope mademoiselle inherits. Jump-start her cosmopolitan ways by sending this French missive.

Available at, starting at $60 for 25 cards.

13 Moms' Favorite Gifts From Their Kids

Courtesy of Tiny PrintsCourtesy of Tiny Prints

Chalk It Up

You let the thought of labor pains slip from your mind. But one memory you'll never erase? The moment you held her in your arms. (All together now: Aww.) Share it on the blackboard-themed design.

Available at, starting at $24 for 10 cards.

Courtesy of MintedCourtesy of Minted

Baby Makes Three

Go graphic with a Venn diagram. Opt for a photo-and-text backing to tell a little more of the story (little one has got dad's eyes and mom's sense of humor).

Available at, starting at $64 for 25 cards.

Eco-Friendly Finds for Kids

Courtesy of The Gray AtticCourtesy of The Gray Attic

Story Time

You remember the snowy drive to the hospital as clearly as you recall the minute contractions began. Recount little details such as the weather on The Gray Attic's botanical illustrations that correspond to the season in which your babe was born.

Available at, starting at $87.50 for 25 cards.

Courtesy of IomoiCourtesy of Iomoi

Prep School

If your infant is already outfitted in tennis whites, only a perfectly preppy pattern will do. Punchy colors and a proud elephant read fun, not fussy.

Available at, starting at $88 for 20 cards.

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