Introducing ... the Uterus Piñata!?

File this one under reproductive (p)arts and crafts. The "Super Period Fun Time Uterus Piñata" is not only a stunning example of the kind of niche papier-mâché products Etsy can deliver, but an opportunity for party planners everywhere.

Trying to come up with games for the annual obstetrics and gynecology conference? Planning the "it's a girl" baby shower? Celebrating uterine involution after you've given birth? Looking to turn girl's poker night into a full-blown fiesta? Just got your first period? Or had your last?

Get out the sticks!

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This unique and actually really good looking piñata is filled with Bliss chocolates, Hershey's kisses and a sprinkling of Kotex tampons! It's beautiful AND practical, no doubt just like the woman you're celebrating.

It's brought to you by, an online store specializing in arts and crafts that celebrate female anatomy. The piñata is $140; there's also a variety of plush toys for those of you who'd like your uterus toys to remain intact. Step aside Judy Chicago, vagina art just went mainstream!

To see a uterus-shaped plush toy, visit Babble.


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