Is Mom's Stuff Ever Off Limits?

By Staff
If you've got tweens or teens in the house, chances are there are times you feel like you're turning into Nancy Drew solving The Case of the Missing Mommy Stuff. You know what we're talking about. Every time you turn around-- your makeup, that new cami, your favorite earrings are MIA. Somehow, they always end up in your daughter's room ... no matter how many times you say, "(Fill in the blank) is off limits!"

We love to watch our daughters mature and we love to share. Watching them grow into our shoes is a milestone. But, we work hard and some of our favorite things should be ours and only ours. Did we just say that out loud? Does that make us bad moms?

Watch this hysterical video of how's Ciaran Blumenfeld handles the saga of the empty shampoo bottles in her house, courtesy of her daughters-and their friends. It'll have you laughing AND nodding your head! Then, tell us if anything in your house is hands-off and how you mark your territory!

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