Is this ad promoting pedophilia? Creepy car campaign wins major award.

Half of it looks like a fetish cartoon and the other half like the funny pages. Together it's a twisted way to sell a car.

An award-winning international Kia print campaign, created by a Brazilian agency, depicts two different teacher-student interactions in six cartoon panels. The panels on the left show a PG interaction between a little girl and her teacher. The panels on the right depict a hyper-sexualized version of their conversation. The cartoons are supposed to mirror the car's selling-point: Dual Zone air-conditioning.

But now that it's been granted a prestigious Silver Lion Award at Cannes' advertising festival this past week, nobody's talking about the air-conditioning.

"Kia has some explaining to do about why it commissioned a print ad campaign with a pedophilia theme," writes Bnet's Jim Edwards.

Copyranter's blogger calls the ad sleazy and wonders whether it promotes statutory rape.

Here's a closer look at the ad. And here's a link to the other ad in the series, which depicts two versions of the Sleeping Beauty fairy-tale. One for kids, the other definitely not.

What do you think: is Kia crossing the creepy line?

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