Is this kid the next Justin Bieber?

by Jessica Ashley, Shine staff

He has the hair (ohhh, the hair), the Baby Gap denim jacket, and the cherubic face -- but does this tween have the chops to take over stage, screen, and whoever is the being prepped to out-Selena young love Selena Gomez as the next tween sensation?

I haven't heard him rap nor have I witnessed his moonwalk in purple Air Jordans, but it seems like 12-year old "Britain's Got Talent" wower Ronan Parke is oozing with talent, it factor, and all that good stuff that makes parents get a little teary when they nod in approval of their screaming tweens downloading a hundred bucks worth of a potentially huge pop star's music.

I'll even go a step beyond saying he very well could give (as the kids call him -- well, at least the kindergarten kids) Justin Beaver a run for his money. I think young Ronan sings this Lady Gaga song more magnificently than even the Gaga herself. How about that for crazy kid controversy?

Speaking of club covers by tweens, perhaps Ronan could pair up with the talented Maria Aragon. Watch her much-better version of "Born This Way" here.

Take a peek and tell us: Do you think Ronan Parke's music will be blaring from your car speakers over and over and over again soon?

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