Itty bitty bites: DIY graduation cap pops

photo credit: bakerella.blogspot.comphoto credit: bakerella.blogspot.comLet's step out of the Mother's Day bubble for a few moments to think about another big day that many parents are celebrating: their kid's graduation.

Whether it's from preschool, junior high, high school or college, graduation is a Big Deal. And if you're looking for a cute little way to add some pizzazz to your festivities, check out these cool graduation candy cap pops (say it really fast), courtesy of baking genius, Bakerella. (Remember her Hello Kitty pops? The candy pops look like mortarboards. Clever, right?

I'm saving this idea for my preschooler's graduation next year as a gift to his class. But I think it would be really sweet to include as a favor for any graduation. You can either leave them in a Styrofoam square for folks to remove, or package the tops in clear candy bags, which you can find at Michaels or at

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