Jennifer Lawrence's Parents Are Awesome, That Explains It

J-Law with her parents at the Oscars. (Photo: Getty Images)There are so many reasons to love Jennifer Lawrence, or “J-Law,” as we affectionately refer to her at Shine, and now we know why this girl seems so down-to-earth: she has awesome parents.

“She’s talented and good at what she does but that doesn’t change who she is. She’s still Jen who happens to be good at acting,” her Mom said earlier this week of their Oscar-winning daughter.

In an adorable interview with their local Louisville TV station (video below), Jennifer’s family talks about how they help keep her in check despite Hollywood’s best efforts to make her into a diva. “We’re gonna try our best to keep her grounded and let her know that she’s not as cool as everybody says she is,” her brother Blaine jokes.

Her parents, Gary and Karen, have their values in the right in place; they’re the anti-Lohans. You won’t see them outside of a courtroom yelling at lawyers or partying at a club with their daughter. They’re honest about how difficult it is for them to see Jennifer picked apart in the tabloids for her appearance and her personal life. “When she was in London they yelled at her, 'you don’t have any talent, go back to the U.S.A,' real hateful,” her dad says.

On “Silver Lining’s Playbook” co-star Bradley Cooper, Jennifer’s mom simply says, “He’s a great guy.”

Jennifer’s dad says that hair and makeup people always come up to him and tell him that Jennifer is such polite person. “I kid her and I say, ‘If I come and I don’t hear that, we’re gonna have some problems.’”  

Given how J-Law has shouldered her fame up to this point, we don’t think that’s going to be an issue, Gary. You've done a bang-up job.

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