Just how many times are we going to go to David's Dentist?

For anyone whose managed to stay clear of the viral video infection that is David at the Dentist, I've enclosed the clip below. For those who don't want to bear it, the upshot is this: 7-year-old boy, hopped up on goofballs post dental surgery ponders existence. Yes, it is funny. Maybe not funny enough to justify the 27 times it has landed in my Inbox, but certainly a normal level of funny that anyone with a sense of humor and a stick-free nether-region can appreciate.

Not so funny? How dad David DeVore trademarked one of his son's musings ("Is this real life?" ™ ), and then went on to produce "David After the Dentist" merchandise, available through (you guessed it) www.davidafterdentist.com. Recent additions to the franchise are t-shirts and never before seen clips of David...BEFORE the dentist (see below).

Oh, brother. Is it just me, or is turning your son's painkiller induced out-of-body experience into the family business just a little weird? I get that kids say the darndest things, etc., and I admittedly laughed at this video the first time I saw it, but something about making money off it just strikes me as exploitative and sad.

Am I being too harsh here? Should I be looking at the bigger picture, and understanding that David's trip to the dentist might end up paying for his college education? What do other parents think?