Just Stop, Jenny McCarthy..

Jenny McCarthy seriously annoys me. Maybe it's because I feel like she hasn't matured at all since her days on Singled Out, but I just find her so obnoxious.

She's probably most famous (now) for her outspoken opinions on autism and vaccines, but that's not why I wish she would just go somewhere and sit down. The reason why she's currently the most annoying mom in Hollywood? She thought it would be a good idea to go on Howard Stern's show and call Jim Carrey out for not keeping in touch with her son after they broke up.

Now, let's keep in mind I said HER son, not their son. Jim is not Jenny's son's father. So why she is blasting him publicly for not keeping in touch astounds me.

As a single mom myself, I recognize that it is my decision whether or not to introduce my boyfriend(s) to my child. When making that decision, I also have to accept the fact that if the relationship doesn't work out, that person has no obligations to my child. Sure, it would be nice for him to keep in touch if they developed a relationship, but he doesn't have to. And he shouldn't be expected to. It's my job as a mom to help my child cope when/if the relationship ends.

So FYI Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey is not a bad guy for not keeping in touch with YOUR kid. If only you would see that airing all your private business actually makes you look like the D-bag. It's evident Evan needs love and support, so please go away go be with him.