K-Fed is Well-Fed: His ex-wife says it is from being a full time parent?

At a California sporting event, onlookers and celebrities alike were shocked by the presence of this man: Kevin Federline. It seems that since his break from popstar Britney Spears, K-Fed has become Well-Fed!

While other participated at the Ryan Sheckler X Games Celebrity Classic, Federline sipped cocktails and smoked cigarettes with girlfriend Victoria Prince while sitting on a shaded patio.

Shar Jackson, mother to two of K-Fed's children shared her view on his plumpness. "It's daddy weight!" she told UsMagazine.com "When you are a full time parent, sometimes you can't focus on you. If gaining a few pounds is your only problem, life's not too bad!"

As a mother, I have lost weight. I weighed more before my kids. With children, I am constantly running around taking care of their needs. Someone always needs to be fed, bathed or taken to somewhere. I barely have time to grab a snack on the way out the door.

K-Fed seems like he hasn't missed many meals as a parent.

Can being a parent make you fat?

Picture:John M. Heller/Getty Images

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