Kate Middleton's Look-Alike Already Has A Fake Royal Baby, Obviously

Heidi Agan on the job. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)Kate Middleton may still be pregnant, but her impersonator is already playing mom. After spending  the past several months wearing a fake pregnancy bump, Heidi Agan has started working with a fake baby.  

"Clients have been asking, so I borrowed one of my daughter’s dolls to bring with me to events," Agan told Yahoo! Shine. "Right now, it works well.”

As Middleton's main look-alike, Agan is paid up to $1,000 to make appearances and pose for photos pretending to be the Duchess. It's a job the former waitress takes seriously, particularly now that business is booming.

“As soon as Kate’s pregnancy was announced in December, my business increased by almost 400%,” said the 33-year-old. “I immediately went to my seamstress and had two custom-made bumps created so I could arrive at appearances looking like I was pregnant.” Since then, she's posed for photo-shoots and made multiple appearances wearing one of several different bump sizes.

But Agan's days of faking pregnancy are running out. For now, her daughter's doll is poised to play a stand-in for the royal baby, but that won't last either. "I imagine as the royal baby gets older,there will be demand for a double.”  While her two children, Abigail, 4, and Blake, 11, area bit too old to serve as doubles for the future monarch, they have helped mom get into character.

"I felt great when I was pregnant with my son, but with my daughter I just felt awful, like Kate did earlier this year," said Agan. Does that mean she thinks Middleton's having a little princess? "I think it’s a girl. There’s a myth that being pregnant with a girl makes you sick in the beginning, and it certainly was the case with me."