Kids and milk: How many gallons of milk does your family go through a week?

"More milk" -- those were my first words. I threw the bottle out of the crib when I first said them. It was empty, of course. Milk remains one of my favorite things to drink, though I hardly ever do since I've been out of diapers for many, many years. Unless you count the milk in my coffee or the occasional tall glass of ice cold cow juice. Mmm...that's a treat. I know, I know. Some adults think milk is just bleh, but kids love it.

Some CafeMom families drink up to 10 gallons a week. And Nadya Suleman is not even a CafeMom!

At last check, our poll on how many gallons of milk families drink,

  • 48 percent said 1-2 gallons
  • 24 percent said 2-3 gallons
  • 16 percent said 3-4 gallons
  • 12 percent said 5 gallons or more
Whether it's soy or regular, skim or whole, once the baby is no longer breastfeeding or on formula, even small families go through a lot of milk.

With the price of milk so high, maybe some of us should buy the cow.
How much milk does your family drink?

Written by Michele Zipp for CafeMom