You Know You're the Mom of a Girlie Girl IF

Girlie Girls

I know they're not all girlie girls. Many of our girls march to their own drum, many have that cute tomboy thing going as well - and all define their own category, but it's always fun to notice the similarities in motherhood. As the mom of a hilariously witty, uber creative, sometimes tomboy, often girlie girl -- I thought I'd put this list together for all the other moms who live in a fog of glitter and have had their nails polished at a faux salon.

You Know You're the Mom of a Girlie Girl IF...

1. You do more pretend cooking in a miniature kitchen than you do actual cooking in the full sized one (and frankly, you're not sure which tastes better).

2. You secretly wish there was some mommy competition involving your child's trendy crafts because you're a freakin' whiz on the Rainbow Loom, you make a mean potholder, and you're not so bad with a spool of gimp ahem, lanyard.

3. You have the ability to turn a field day/camp tee into an off the shoulder, bedazzled, designer dud in the time it would take a child to throw a "fashion tantrum."

4. You understood what I meant when I coined the term "fashion tantrum."

5. You find yourself playing with pretty much the same toys you played with when you were little, only the slutted-up versions. (See Polly Pocket, Rainbow Brite, and Strawberrry Shortcake.)

6. A dance party, song fest, or drawing competition may be impromptu ... but it's never unexpected.

7. Somehow you always get to be the ugly, ratty Barbie with the hair plugs showing from a haircut gone awry, and the one hand that's been chewed off by the dog.

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8. Your coveted jewelry, handbags, and heels have become someone else's playthings.

9. You find yourself searching "How to Do a Fishtail Braid" on YouTube.

10. You wonder how young is too young to start plucking her eyebrows?

11. You know from Furby and Fijit Friends.

12. There's a creepy-ass Lalaloopsy doll staring at you with those "Coraline" button eyes that you're pretty sure comes to life when you sleep.

13. Dealing with a monumental breakdown over the over the tag in a shirt, the seam on the sock, or the color of a pair of undies seems totally normal (see fashion tantrum).

14. You know the one rule about stuffed animals: One Can Never Have Too Many of Them!

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15. That chick's got an at-ti-tude and you know exactly where she got it from, though you won't admit it.

16. You probably have a sticker or something shimmery stuck to you right now.

17. Your make-believe life is way more exiting than your actual life.

18. You know that glitter to a girlie girl is like the Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding … it cures everything... at the very least it makes it more tolerable.

19. You are willing to accept a severely sub par mani-pedi or 3 (in a row) because your child has set up a salon and you're the only one dumb enough to show up for your appointment.

20. It looks like the Disney Princesses threw up in your car.

21. You haven't heard your actual name the entire day, but you've been beckoned relentlessly.

22. You know a female wears the pants in your family (you just didn't think they'd be a size 3T).

23. You fear the day she gets her period because it sometimes seem like she has PMS already.

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24. Lying is always an option as in ... "I'm sorry, they stopped selling Bratz dolls." "I love the outfit you put together yourself... stripes and zig-zag look great together." and "Yes, you do sound like Beyonce when you sing."

25. You can't wait until she's old enough to watch Grease, Xanadu, Clueless, or anything by John Hughes.

26. The term rainbow-unicorn can answer almost any question. How do you want to decorate your room? What's your favorite color? What do you want to be when you grow up?

27. ANYTHING can be over-dramatized... a trip to Target feels like a Spanish soap opera.

28. There's a My Little Pony in your purse.

29. You hope to one day share a "Best Friends" charm even if she gives you the "est end".

30. You've made yourself an amazing companion (attitude and all) that's redefined the magnitude of love you ever thought you had to give.

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