Labor riding: woman who biked to hospital in labor invents new extreme sport

Susie Weber biked to the hospital to deliver her baby. (photo via Weber biked to the hospital to deliver her baby. (photo via Susie Weber's contractions were three minutes apart, she knew it was time to get to the hospital to deliver her baby. So she hopped on her bike and pedaled to one a mile away. If there is ever a time to rationalize taking a taxi, it's when a human is falling out of your body. (Also cold weather or uncomfortable shoes.)

But Weber, a 41-year-old Wisconsin resident, had already planned out her tour de labor with her husband who rode alongside her, according to Here's what she said about the ride: "It was 67 to 70 degrees. No wind. It was just beautiful. I think I had one or two contractions along the way, but they actually seemed mild in comparison. I think it was because I was distracted."

Sounds amazing, but it would probably be even better with a hang glider. We jest because we're lazy and highly impressed when anyone uses a bike, period. Weber, in fact, wasn't taking any risks. She'd gotten approval from her doctor beforehand and had maintained a daily cycling regimen throughout her pregnancy. In fact, the ride may have helped naturally speed up her dilation, though she did have another 12 hours before her seven pound girl, Tess, was born. A healthy baby is priceless, but may we just point out: Lance Armstrong earns millions for riding his bike around France and he's not even pregnant. Someone, at least give this woman a trophy.

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