Take Me Out to the Lawn Game: 7 Games Your Family Can Play Outside

I have to confess to a crazy love for lawn games. Seriously, who doesn't love a good bocce ball match during a barbecue? With the summer months quickly approaching, I am loving these ideas for great lawn games for families. (Plus many of them include DIY tutorials!) Perfect for entertaining a crowd or a little family fun in the evenings, lawn games are the ultimate summer staple…

Backyard TwisterBackyard Twister1. Backyard Twister
Everybody loves Twister, and this backyard version is easy to create. Make a circle template, grab a few cans of spray paint in different colors, and you're good to go!
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Lawn JengaLawn Jenga2. Lawn Jenga

Oversized Jenga?! Brilliant. You can make it yourself using lumber that's cut to size and sanded to create the requisite 54 blocks used in Jenga.
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Patio ScrabblePatio Scrabble3. Patio Scrabble
Obsession is the only way to explain how I feel about this patio Scrabble board. This set was made by pouring concrete into a wood frame and scoring it to create the lines on the board. Baseboard trim wood, precut, adhesive-backed vinyl letters, and wood stain were used to create the tiles.
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Deck Board gameDeck Board game4. Deck Board Game
Create your own custom boardgame, using tape to determine the boundaries, and chalk to fill in each space with fun challenges, like bobbing for apples. A person tosses a giant die or hacky sack onto the board, and wherever it lands marks the challenge they have to complete!
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Lawn BowlingLawn Bowling5. Lawn Bowling
Everybody loves bowling, but taking it to the backyard makes it even more fun! All you need is a flat patch of grass, and you're ready to play! Special outdoor sets, scaled down for backyard use, can be found at sporting goods stores and through many outdoor living retailers.
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CroquetCroquet6. Croquet
Croquet is the best kind of old school fun, a game where opponents hit wooden balls with a mallet through hoops. Croquet sets can be found at many sporting goods and super stores and can be set up in even a small lawn to play!
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Obstacle CourseObstacle Course7. Obstacle Course
Create a fun obstacle course for the kids with some rope and caution tape. Need more obstacles? Consider old tires or oversized cardboard boxes!
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