Let your tot pee in the ocean?

Great news! Your toddler is potty trained!

Bad news! Your trip to the beach this summer will be loads of extra work!

Your tot is so proud and excited she finally "made it." Now she needs to and wants to go all the time. And you can't suddenly ask her to start "holding it" after all that talk about listening to her "urges."

These are some of the scenarios you have to look forward to:

1. Trudging to the public potty with your toddler every half hour or so. The toilets are so far away that by the time you get back to the blanket it's almost time to turn around again.

2. Dragging along all of your other children, who are moaning that they don't have to go ... You explaining for the 10th time, "What, are you crazy, leave you guys alone near rip currents?"

3. Pleading with your newly toilet trained toddler to just go pee in the ocean, leading to a scene and a tantrum (it's just not as easy as it sounds).

4. Giving up and pulling out a diaper (NOT recommended).

5. Bringing along a travel potty.

Failing miserably at number 3, I finally succumbed and went with option 5 for both of my kids. All the travel potties were bulky and heavy when mine were training, but now there are lighter, more portable travel potties out there to consider.

What do you do when your potty-trained toddlers have to go pee-pee at the beach?

Written by Cynthia Dermody for CafeMom's Toddler Buzz