7 Daring Things I Did Before I was a Parent

7 Things I Did Before I was a Parent7 Things I Did Before I was a ParentAs parents, LBK (life before kids, of course) sometimes becomes a hazy memory so distant it might as well have happened to someone else. That's why every once in a while, it's good to take a look back, pull out some old pictures, and reminisce about who you were before you were Mommy and Daddy. Kids, we hope you're listening, because before your folks were awesome parents, they were awesome people - and they did some pretty cool things.

Keep reading to find out how seasoned moms and dads end the sentence, "Before I was a parent, I was ... "

Jane RoperJane Roper1. A Globetrotter
"Before I was a mom... I traveled solo for three months in South America."
-Jane Roper
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Joslyn GrayJoslyn Gray2. G.I. Jane
"Before I was a mom... I thought being a soldier was the toughest job I'd ever love."
-Joslyn Gray
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Karen WalrondKaren Walrond3. Under the Sea
"Before I was a mom... my husband and I were avid SCUBA divers."
-Karen Walrond
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Laura LevyLaura Levy4. A Biker Chick
"Before I was a mom... I spent a lot of time during the summer and fall months riding my Harley on adventures throughout Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana."
- Laura Levy
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Allana HarkinAllana Harkin5. A Funny Girl
"Before I was a mom... I would gleefully perform for beer tickets at comedy clubs. (Here is Samantha Bee giving me a massage with tiny plastic baby hands in the year 2000.)"
- Allana Harkin
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Tsh OxenreiderTsh Oxenreider6. A Night Owl
"Before I was a mom... I'd stay up until 4 am in European coffee shops, knowing I could sleep it off the next morning."
-Tsh Oxenreider
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Naomi OdesNaomi Odes7. Queen of the Stage
"Before I was a mom... I was a blonde, an actress, and a singer." -Naomi Odes Follow Naomi on Babble

- By Caitlin Palmer

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