For Your Little Jedi, Yoda Ears We Have

Get Dagobah's hottest look.Get Dagobah's hottest look.A few years ago, my son (who was 4 at the time) asked me to make him some Yoda ears. I quickly drew the worst triangles I have ever drawn since before attending art school, and scotched taped them to his ears in under a minute. He beamed with delight and ran off speaking backwards sentences like, "Playing, I am," but I felt a twinge of guilt and the solemn, disapproving gaze of Master Yoda, who would have chided the lazy effort with his, "Do or do not, there is no try!" speech. To make up for it, here are some Yoda ears that I hope the Jedi Master himself would be proud of.

What You'll Need

template for Yoda ears
thin headband
card stock or heavy ink-jet paper
double sided tape
light green and medium green felt or craft foam (optional)
hot melt glue (optional)

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1. Print the template on card stock or heavy ink-jet paper and cut out the ears.

2. Then you can either tape or glue the ears directly onto a thin headband.

3. Alternatively, you can cut the light and medium green shapes out and trace them over similarly colored craft foam or felt.

4. Then glue or tape the pieces together and hot glue them onto a thin headband. Wear the headband so that the Yoda ears cover yours.

-By Craig Mackay

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