Mars in Sagittarius: Time for a Family Adventure!

Mars in Sagittarius: Time for a Family Adventure!
Family fun becomes a top priority as Mars continues its residency in Sagittarius through November 16! Expansive, spontaneous, and adventurous, Sagittarius promises good times for the whole clan, while Mars inspires a desire to grow and learn about the world.

Plan an autumn trip that will excite your family's imagination and stimulate everyone's spirit. Whether it's an ambitious trip to a distant national park or simply a visit to a thought-provoking exhibit at an area museum, your excursion -- wherever it takes you -- will be alive with enthusiasm!

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Just take care to resist over-planning, as Sagittarius thrives on risk-taking and serendipity. You'll probably enjoy your trip more if you leave time to explore and wander without a completely filled-in agenda.

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As the sign of wisdom and education, Mars's transit through Sagittarius offers plenty of opportunities to learn. This can be a great time to experiment with home schooling, using your trip to teach your children in a real-world setting. Sagittarius balks at rules and regulations, so don't sweat the small stuff; instead, take care to focus on the exciting experiences at hand.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, it's sure to be fun-filled as Sagittarius infuses life with positive energy. Enjoy every moment as you bring some of the spirit of the road home with you!

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