Michelle Duggar's Secrets for Getting Musical Instruments on the Cheap

That's a tiny violin!We have been playing instruments for quite some time, and when you've been involved in music for a while, you develop many contacts that are teachers who know what is best for their students. When we acquired our first piano years ago, we didn't know anything about purchasing a piano. We were able to ask teachers, some of whom had more than 30 years of experience, "What would be your favorite piano that would not take up a lot of space, but still have good sound?" They were glad to give us their input.

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We spent several months looking through the newspaper, trying to find the right one. One day we got a phone call from a piano teacher that knew of our search. They had found a really nice piano for sale from its original owner at a great price. That's how we got our first piano!

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It may not be immediate gratification like when you buy something you want on credit. With credit cards, who knows how much debt you'll have - that's a big deal. But if you're willing to wait six months, you may save yourself a lot of financial pressure down the road.

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For really good instruments when the children are ready to move up from a student's violin to a more expensive violin, we'll shop around for used instruments. We've found good deals in pawn shops in the past. We'll also try music supply companies where they offer trade-ins. There are a lot of angles. The key is to find something of good quality that is not necessarily new.

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