Mine for Nine Maternity Fashion Rental Site: Why Buy When You Can Borrow?

Every mom-to-be wants to wear the latest maternity fashions from the hottest designer maternity brands like Maternal America, Olian and Ripe Maternity, but let's face it. We don't all have an unlimited budget, and it can be hard to justify dropping big bucks on maternity clothes you're probably only going to wear once or twice.

That's what makes Mine for Nine a fantastic find. Following the lead of rental sites like BagBorrowSteal.com, where you can rent the latest designer handbags instead of buying, Mine for Nine allows expectant moms to rent special occasion maternity dresses and professional maternity attire for a fraction of the cost. Genius, right?
For example, the Seraphine cocktail dress above retails for $143, but at Mine for Nine you can have it for two weeks and pay just $39. Decide you love it and want to keep it? You have the option of buying it, too. There is no membership fee, you can borrow as many items as you'd like, and if you're wondering about the laundry issue, don't worry. They'll do the dry cleaning for you.

Start Shopping: minefornine.com

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