Miracles Can Happen - Just Ask My Son!

I woke up at 5am and got dressed to get ready to go to the hospital to give birth to my son. After two other C-sections, I reminded myself that my two other children were fine, and everything will go smoothly.

Arriving at 6am, the nurse took my information and prepped me for surgery. Frightened out of my mind, I snuggled against my husband. My whole body shook as I was sat in the wheel chair and rolled down to the surgery room.

As soon as I received my spinal, I was laid down and surgery began as normal. I still remember looking up at the nurse as she gently pushed my hair aside.

"What is going to be your baby's name?" She asked in her thick accent. "Antonio Gianni" I answered slowly as I closed my eyes.

"That is such a strong name for a little boy!" She replied looking down at me.

After Antonio was delivered I had one small glimpse at him - this little man meant the world to me.

As they took my new baby boy away, and brought me into the recovery room, I was anxious to hold him and squeeze him, but something happened...

Here is a photo of Antonio at Newborn Intensive Care Unit in Philadelphia. Antonio was not fully developed, and the doctor had taken him too early. One of his lungs popped a hole, and soon his other lung collapsed. The hospital did not have a Newborn Intensive Care Unit, and therefore he was flown by helicopter to another hospital location.

That night I cried myself to sleep. Heartbroken and in pain, they told my husband and I he was not going to live. Driving four hours with a pillow clenched to my tummy, I was told to say goodbye to my son.

Antonio did not get better, but instead his conditions worsen. The doctors not knowing what else to do flew him by helicopter to another hospital.

For two months we visited, and called the nurse every couple of hours to check on him. Antonio did survive, and he truly is mommy and daddy's little miracle. It is hard to believe that he is here today, and a very active and healthy little boy. It just goes to prove that miracles can happen, and do happen.

Antono and mommy having a good ol' time at the park! That's my boy!

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