MLB All-Star Game: 3 players your kids should watch

photo credit: brent ward/sf chroniclephoto credit: brent ward/sf chronicleThe 80th MLB All-Star Game starts at 5pm PST on Tuesday (July 14th). I always remember watching the All-Star Game as a kid, and the excitement of seeing my favorite players from both leagues take the field.

Players who've made the All-Star teams are the best of the best with a mix of fan favorites. If you're going to watch the game with your kids, I want to point out a few players that you should highlight to your kids. (Can you guess which league I want to win?)

  • Tim Lincecum, pitcher, San Francisco Giants. I grew up in San Francisco and the Giants are my boys. I can't be more thrilled to see Tim Lincecum as the starting pitcher for the All-Star Game. The Cy Young Award winner is pure excitement on the mound and hands down, the best pitcher in baseball. He throws at 98 miles per hour and it's impossible to not watch his body mechanics when he pitches. (Hey, there's a reason they call him "The Freak.") Plus, he's just a nice guy.
  • Albert Pujols, first base, St. Louis Cardinals. Every time Pujols comes up to the plate against the Giants, I get a little bit nervous because this guy is a total fence buster. He brings on the power, and makes a game fun to watch.
  • Yadier Molina, catcher, St. Louis Cardinals. You can't be a MLB catcher without being an amazing defensive player. And Yadier Molina tops that list. He's super quick and aggressive on his feet and you can see his intense, play hard attitude all over his face. Also? I can't wait to see the pitches he calls for Lincecum. (Big brother, Bengie Molina, plays for the Giants and catches for Lincecum.)
Did your kid's favorite players make the All-Star Game? Who will they be watching on the field?