Mom of octuplets plans to breastfeed her babies

Multiply by two.Multiply by two.By now you've probably read all about the woman who gave birth to octuplets. More good news was reported this morning when doctors said all eight of the babies were breathing on their own. The babies were born nine weeks prematurely and will be in the hospital for several more weeks.

Here's the little tidbit of info that amazes me: Doctors say the mom plans to breastfeed all eight babies.

Can you imagine the feeding schedule? Any nursing mama can tell you that a newborn wants to eat often, but the official word from La Leche League is that a baby will average 8-12 feedings over 24 hours. Most newborns drink about 25 ounces of breast milk a day. Multiply that times eight babies and you've got one exhausted new mom whose body is producing a lot of breast milk. Will she ever be able to leave the house?

It wore me out to breastfeed one baby for a year. The thought of nursing eight newborns would have scared me to pieces. So for however long she manages to breastfeed, she's to be commended for even trying.

I also hope she has an ongoing supply of Soothies.

Update: The babies have been given bottles of formula; the mom started pumping breast milk for her little ones.