Mom Photographs Flying Baby

Photo by: Rachel Hulin
Cape Flight
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Thu, Aug 16, 2012 12:46 PM EDT

New York City-based photographer Rachel Hulin got the idea to create shots of her baby Henry flying last summer, when he was six months old. "He was a baby who loved to be lifted up," she tells Shine. "I was always taking pictures of him and I had an epiphany that it would be interesting to try that without another person." Hulin recalls the first images looked a little "spooky." Like many new moms, Hulin was always wondering what was going on in his mysterious baby brain. "It was Henry's world," she says. "The pictures were kind of an allegory for that." Now, at eighteen months old, Hulin says it's getting harder to photograph him airborne. "First we investigate and find a good spot that Henry is interested in," she explains. "My husband will lift him really quickly and see what pose he strikes." Mom says that about half the time the picture doesn't work. "But sometimes it's magical!"

Hulin is compiling the photographs to illustrate a children's book. Flying Henry will be available in April 2013. -Sarah B. Weir, Shine Staff