Mom's Mickey Mouse School Surprise Backfires

If you wear this head to your kid's school, give a heads up to teachers. Okay?If you wear this head to your kid's school, give a heads up to teachers. Okay?Pop quiz: Surprising your child in class by showing up in a Mickey Mouse costume makes you a) a good parent or b) a demented security threat.

"Option B!" exclaimed an Ohio elementary school on Tuesday, after the strangest series of events took place outside the mind of a 'Three's Company' writer.

It all started innocently enough when the school invited parents to join their kids for a classroom Valentine's party. Then one mom had to go and do the thing where you parade around in a creepy costume and force adults to try to remain calm.

While the unidentified mom followed standard school procedure by signing in as a visitor, she decided not to fill teachers in on her plan to dress as Mickey for her daughter's class. She did a secret quick-change in the bathroom and put on what must have been a theme park-grade costume because nobody had any idea who she was when she barged into the room full of kids. Not a great start, right there. After a few minutes of spreading joy to small people and fear to big ones, Mickey was gone. That's when panic ensued.

"It was a case of, Mickey Mouse was here, and then he was missing," said district Superintendent Dante Zambrini. Fearing a demented predator in white gloves on the loose in the school, local police were contacted and a lockdown was ordered. The rest of the afternoon everyone was stuck there until the missing Mickey was accounted for. Eventually, everyone discovered this was all a big misunderstanding and parents and kids were free to go enjoy the rest of their Valentine's Day without worrying about a demented mouse on the loose. This was probably not how mom-of-the-year imagined the day to go down. It's also not how kids envisioned adults reacting to a sweet, high-pitched, lovable mouse in a bow-tie. But, alas, real life sucks.

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