When Mother's Day is Confusing

By GalTime Teen Parenting Expert, Barbara Greenberg, PhD

Is Mother's Day confusing for you?...Is Mother's Day confusing for you?...

Happy Mother's Day to the BEST mother in the world! Mom, you made me the person that I am today. Mother you have given me everything and I can never repay you. These sentiments are echoed repeatedly in card after card year after year.

Now, let me suggest a different Mother's Day scenario. Perhaps your relationship with your mom has been less than stellar and you just can't find the right card.

You can't bring yourself to purchase one of the many beautiful and standard cards because the sentiment in the card does not accurately reflect the nature of your relationship with your mother.

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However, what if you saw one of the following five cards?

1. Mom, you ignored me for years but I hope the day is happy anyway.

2. Happy Mother's Day to a mom who favored my older sister.

3. Let's celebrate today mom. Let's face it we never spend time together on any other day.

4. Happy Mother's Day mom. You always told me that I was too sensitive. Forgive me today as I gush in this card about how much you mean to me.

5. I love you mother especially on this day. Remember me? I am your child from the husband that you hate and divorced 25 years ago. I haven't heard from you but I'd like to wish you a joyous day nonetheless. I sure hope that you are still at this address.

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Next time you are at the drugstore selecting cards look to the person on the right of you and the left of you.

Keep in mind that selecting a card may be easier for some than others. While most of us enjoy this holiday many sons and daughters are stressing out over the selection of a card that resonates with their true feelings.

For this group a card like Somebody loves you on Mother's Day may be the only card that works. After all, it expresses love but doesn't say where the love is coming from.

If you could write an accurate card what would the message be?

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