MVF (Most Valuable Feline): Cat Soothes Infant to Sleep (Video)

After viewing this video, bleary-eyed parents of newborns everywhere will no doubt be scouring the internet for this kitty's contact info, or at the very least trying to train their own pets to achieve the magic shown. This standard black cat puts the bad luck myths to shame with its delicate handling of a cranky, tired infant. I watched in amazement as it used its paw to stroke the child's head until it actually went TO SLEEP. Whether these actions are due solely to maternal instinct or it just wants the kid to hush already, this kitty deserves a gold-plated litter box and a diamond collar for its efforts.

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Of course, cats and all other animals should always be supervised around young children. They are animals, after all, so you never know what's going to irritate them. Even sweet little puppies or kittens can do a lot of damage to young children, simply by playing with them too roughly.Warning: this video alone is probably enough to soften even the most hard-hearted anti-cat person.

This post was written by Alia Hoyt.

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