Will Nicole Kidman Regret This Photo?

At least 3 times a day I say, "I can't do that - I have a kid." On my list of things I can't do because I'm a mom?

  • wear too short shorts
  • drink alcohol
  • stay out past midnight
  • go out to dinner more than 3 times a week
  • listen to music that isn't kid-friendly
  • express my annoyance at strangers on the street

The list goes on, but I think you get the point. Anyways, when I saw this pic of Nicole Kidman my first thought was "Wow, her butt looks amazing!"

Pretty impressive, right? But then I remembered she has kids and for goodness sake a woman with kids should not be showing her behind on a magazine cover! What kind of example is she setting?

But really, why not show it off? Her kids are too young to ever see the magazine now and when they're older they'll probably be like, "Wow mom you had a nice butt back then."

So if Nicole Kidman can be this liberated, certainly so can we right?

What things did/do you refuse to do now that you're a mom? Would you ever pose for a pic - with your butt hanging out! - like Nicole Kidman??

My butt doesn't look like Nicole's so it's a no go on the pic for me. BUT I will go out tonight and maybe even have some alcohol!