No Girls, No Problem: Why I Don't Mind Having Three Sons

This post was written by Alia Hoyt.

Most people with babies on the brain have a mental image of what their family will look like once it's up and running. A lot of the time, though, our kids come out nothing like we expected, from their interests to their appearances (and everything in between).

This mental image even extends to the gender of your kids, of course -- although what you end up with isn't always what you imagined. Dads that long to cultivate tiny quarterbacks sometimes end up with delicate princesses more prone to tea parties than touchdowns (Note: I'm not classifying all little girls as "delicate" -- plenty of lil' ladies are athletes or downright tough in their own right). So what's a parent to do when their family looks different than expected? Sit in a corner and pout? Demand a refund?

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I recently found out that I am carrying my third boy, and although my husband and I are thrilled that we're that much closer to our very own offensive line, plenty of people -- including a lot of strangers! -- have expressed their disappointment that the little guy is not a little lady. I knew this would happen because I heard the same old comments when the sex of my second boy was revealed.

So, do I get offended when my exciting news is greeted with the a sigh and, "So, when will you try for a girl?" Nah. People usually just say the first thing that pops into their minds, so they don't really mean any harm. And there's not really anything that can be done about such statements, other than for me to smile and say, "Nope! I'm closing up shop!" When it comes right down to it, my husband and I are the ones that'll be raising Things 1, 2 and 3, so the opinions of others don't carry a lot of weight, as long as our kids are well-behaved and not bothering anybody else. To be honest, the thought of three small boys under one roof probably is terrifying to a lot of people, so I can't really blame them for an honest reaction!

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For those of you that wish to make that specific family fantasy come true, go right ahead and try. There are plenty of gender selection techniques that others swear by, even if they are unproven. I just always operated by the assumption that the children that are meant for us would be the ones we received, and I wouldn't have it any other way. To paraphrase my son's pre-school teachers, "We get what we get and we don't throw a fit." If only adults would parlay that mantra into all areas of everyday life, everyone might be a lot mellower!

Did you get any unhappy reactions when you announced the sex of your baby?

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