Nursery Trends: New Spins on Classic Themes

We show you how to decorate baby's nursery with your old-time favorites (without totally
dorking out).

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1. Old: Winnie the Pooh
New: Enchanted Forest

The Inspiration: Winnie-the-Pooh, $7,
There will always be room for Winnie, Piglet, and Tigger in baby's room.

Colors: Deep green + chocolate brown (Pantone 349M + 731M) A warm, rich palette is the way to go. Not too dark and not too bright. Work in softer shades of green and orange if you're searching for the right accents.

Bedding: The bedding can still feel fresh and graphic with a woodland charm. Owls Sky Crib Set, $360,

Wall: Have a little more fun on the walls. These oversized decals make you feel like you're really taking a walk in the wilderness. Wee Gallery Woodlands Decals, $38,

Mobile: There's nothing more calming than a wise old bird floating above. Stimulate baby's senses with a pop of tangerine. Wise Old Owl Modern Mobile, $65,

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2. Old: Finding Nemo
New: Under the Sea

The Inspiration: Finding Nemo, $20,
The refreshing setting of this underwater favorite offers the perfect palette for a soothing spot for baby.

Colors: Turquoise, light blue + cobalt (Pantone 306M + 291M + 300M)
Create a calming environment with cool shades of blue and small hints of coral and orange.

Rug: You'll want to lighten things up. Add a touch of brightness to the floors. Remember: Too many underwater creatures can be overwhelming, so for a fresh take, consider boats. Baby Boats Rug, $199,

Mobile: If there's one place where you can splurge, make it this solid carved-fish mobile. Its charm is priceless.
Floating Fish Mobile, $105,

Art: Your little Van Gogh will love this bright and colorful print.
Starry Sea Canvas Reproduction, $126,

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3. Old: Jungle
New: Safari

The Inspiration: The Jungle Book, $19,
Lions, tigers, bears. Even a monkey! Introduce your little one to the friendly faces of the jungle.

Colors: Leaf green + yellow (Pantone 347M + 101M)
Work in those crisp, natural hues from the very beginning.

Bedding: Surround baby with the friendliest faces of the jungle.
Sleepin' Safari, from $19,

Growth Chart: True, baby won't be using that anytime too soon, but it's a personalized element that will give the little one something to work up to.
Personalized Jungle Animals Growth Chart, $79,

Rug: This setup deserves a soft spot. Work in a design that complements -- instead of clashes -- with your palette.
Tree Multi Large Rug, $550,

Swinging monkeys are the hands-down best choice for this setting.
Monkeys Mobile, $40,

Art: Simple canvas prints are a nice way to incorporate your theme without feeling like overkill. They've got other jungle friends too.
Monkey Canvas, from $45, for stores

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4. Old: Solar System
New: Outer Space

The Inspiration: There's No Place Like Space, $9,
Dr. Seuss said it first: there's really no place like it.

Colors: Navy + yellow (Pantone 2945M + 106M)
Pair a deeper shade of blue with a burst of brightness, like shades of yellow and red.

Bedding: The best thing about this theme: It will grow with your little one.
Solar System Crib Bedding, from $98,

Lighting: A serious bright spot. This budget-friendly pendant light will take your room to new heights.
BLIMP, $30,

Drawer Pulls: Update a simple chest of drawers by replacing with these out-of-this-world knobs.
Outer Space Drawer Pulls, $46 for set of 4,

Mobile: Blast off! Those might be baby's first words after gazing at this group for those first few months.
Space and Rocketship Mobile, $42,

Walls: Wishing on stars never, ever goes out of style.
Family Wall Decal, $40,

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5. Old: Cinderella
New: Princesses

The Inspiration: Walt Disney's Cinderella, $13,
Dreams do come true -- a lesson that we should believe from the very beginning.

Colors: Ballerina pink + lavender (Pantone 243M + 264M)
The ultimate girl's nursery. Invite all your favorite shades of pink and purple in to play.

Bedding: A magical design that mixes patterns, shades of pink, and favorite fairy-tale icons.
Disney Baby Bedding and Accessories, $170,

Lighting: Add an elegant touch. Hang a sophisticated chandelier to add a little pastel bling.
Aster 3-Arm Chandelier, $229,

Rug: The carriage is the perfect topper to any surface.
Disney Princess Carriage, $45,

Art: A few silhouettes are all the walls need in this nursery.
Princess Canvas, from $45, for stores

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6. Old: Wild West
New: Cowboys

The Inspiration: B Is for Buckaroo, $13,
The rodeo will never go out of style. The West will always win us over.

Brown + baby blue (Pantone 7517M + 283M)
A rich duo that can work with just about any shape or design.

Bedding: We're cheering for the stars and stripes. They're an unexpected and modern approach to the Wild West.
Star Applique Bumber, from $19,

Rocking Horse: Every cowboy and cowgirl needs their own pony -- even if they can't ride it for a while.
Yee-Haw Rocking Horse, $79,

Art: Personalization the Western way. Skip the plain initials on the walls and give them a braided treatment.
Rope Art, $2 each,

Rug: Tie it all together with this cotton cornflower rug covered in Western icons.
Blue Cowboy Rug, $350,

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7. Old: Peter Pan
New: Pirate

The Inspiration: Walt Disney's Peter Pan, $32,
Ahoy, mateys! Pirates aren't so scary when you use your imagination.

Red + sky blue (Pantone 206M + 2905M)
Avoid using too much black and introduce this fresh primary duo.

Bedding: Make over these one-eyed bandits with cute, friendly characters.
Cotton Tale Pirates Cove, $153,

Map Art: Design your very own hunt. Add your own friends and family for a memorable treasure the whole family will enjoy.
Personalized Kidlandia Pirate Map Art, $229,

Rug: Here's your permission to add that skull and crossbones on the floor.
Skull and Cross Bones Rug, $130,

Chest: Baby's very own treasure chest (aka extra storage area for you!).
Trunk Bench Pirate's Treasure, $420,

Decals: Float a few ships on your waters with these removable stickers.
Pirate-Infested Waters, $50,

Lighting: Hang a little bit of adventure from above.
Pirate Chandelier, $390,

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