An Ode to Coffee

My baby gets play time, changing time, meal time and nap time. I get coffee time.My baby gets play time, changing time, meal time and nap time. I get coffee time.When you become a parent, there are long days and sleepless nights and a severe lack of life rafts to buoy you up when it seems, at times, that the world is falling apart around you.

Thank you, coffee, for being my life raft.

I awake to an abrupt wailing each morning, the cracking start of a fresh day. As I stumble sleepily to the nursery, I pass the Keurig and push that "large" button with a vigor usually reserved for Olympic athletes. The following click-click-whirr has become the sound of sanctuary in my ears. I remember as a young, adventurous newlywed I'd seek out the roar of a fire or the rumbling of anxious seas to make me feel alive. Now the buzz-rattle of a coffee maker tells me it's time to spring up and greet the day.

My baby gets play time, changing time, meal time and nap time.

I get coffee time.

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The thick, caramely blends can be as different as the parents I know. I see some smiling weakly, recovering from a trying few hours, easing their way into a thin mellow mix and back into the flow of society. My husband's cup is bold, and his role as an authority to our children is clear and dominant. I admire that. I sip a sweet, fair trade organic, a purist at heart. I look my children straight in the eye and explain concepts like feelings and kindness. I tell them to strive for the best in life, and I like seeing that reflected back at me in the dark, shiny reflection from my simple cup.

Thank you, coffee, for bringing people together. For pulling our qualities to the surface in bustling cafes that serve as stark, contrasting microcosms. The heady smells jolt us into the here and now. They remind us to be alert and not miss the small moments that life is made of.

Other parents often ask how I balance working from home, juggling the kids and a demanding calendar. This busy schedule keeps us on our toes. My response is always the same: "I make good decisions, and I drink a lot of coffee." The two definitely aren't mutually exclusive.

- By Chelsea Day

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