Offended Mom Buys All Store's 'Indecent' T-Shirts

(Newser) - An outraged mother in one of America's most conservative counties decided to take a stand against a mall store's display of "indecent" T-shirts-by buying them all.

The interior of an American shopping mall.Judy Cox says she was shopping with her teenage son in Orem, Utah County, when she spotted a window display of T-shirts featuring semi-clad models in provocative poses. When the manager declined to remove the display, she coughed up $567 for all the PacSun store's shirts from its "Visual Heartbreakers" line.

Cox says she'd like to just destroy all 19 shirts, "but I'll let their corporate office figure out what to do with them when I return them on day 59 of a 60-day return policy," she tells the Daily Herald. She has been in touch with the city attorney of Orem-which calls itself "Family City USA"-to see whether the store's display violated the city's decency code, and says she hopes her efforts will inspire others.

"These shirts clearly cross a boundary that is continually being pushed on our children in images on the Internet, television, and when our families shop in the mall," she tells the AP.

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