Officials shut down kids' lemonade stand. Oh, heck no.

Message to local officials: don't mess with a kid's lemonade stand. Three young boys set up shop outside the US Open golf tournament in Bethesda, Maryland yesterday and were promptly told to take a hike. After two warnings their parents were hit with s $500 ticket for not having a vendor's license.

You should also know the boys were selling lemonade to raise money for children's cancer research.

Uh-oh. People be mad now. The incident has already gotten national news coverage and forced county inspection officials responsible for the fine to defend themselves.

From their perspective, the lemonade stand was particularly large and violated traffic and safety regulations at the golfing event.

Tell that to a mom. "The message to kids is, there's no American dream," Carrie Marriott, one of the boy's moms told local news.

This lemonade-turned-lemon situation will be familiar to Julie Murphy. Last year, the Oregon-based single mom had a similar run-in with inspectors when her 7-year-old daughter tried to set up a lemonade stand. It wasn't long before Portland activists were holding a "lemonade revolt" and calling out local officials on radio shows and TV.

In the end, Murphy's daughter got to host another, inspector-approved, lemonade sale, and raised enough money to give to charity, and maybe even go to DisneyWorld.

So maybe, there's hope for the 'American dream', after all.

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