One Child International Celebrates Irish Child Advocates

On February 5 2010, One Child International/Child AbuseWatch celebrated their 2010 Child Advocate of the Year Awards in Bewley's Hotel in Leopardstown, Dublin.

The people chosen by the board of One Child for the 2010 award have been a driving force for change in Ireland as they spearheaded the investigation and prosecution of multiple swimming coaches who sexually abused the children in their care.

Familiar names in the Irish news such as Bart Nolan, Aidan and Kaye O'Toole, Chalkie White, Gary O'Toole and Marion Leonard received an etched Dublin Crystal award, presented by One Child CEO Evin Daly. In presenting the award Daly said "there can be no award as great as the results of the work you have done over the years; the One Child Awards are just a recognition of your efforts. The fact is that you are the keystone to the unraveling of child abuse secrets in Ireland."

In the book "Deep Deception," journalist Justine McCarthy recounts in painstaking detail the circumstances surrounding the bringing of the abuser coaches to justice. The book itself is an essential historical element in the recording of an era in Irish swimming that left hundreds, perhaps thousands of children with their lives disturbed and in some cases destroyed by the actions of sex offender swimming coaches against children entrusted to their care. It also highlights what a great debt of gratitude the parents of Ireland owe to this small group of advocates who let nothing stand in their way to pursue justice.

The lunchtime event was a cozy affair attended by well-wishers, family and friends. The Taoiseach Brian Cowen sent his regrets that he was unable to attend.

One Child International is a non-profit child abuse prevention group based in Florida and Dublin, Ireland and operates the Child AbuseWatch network. The Ware Foundation of Coral Gables, Florida, is a benefactor to One Child International.

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