The Opposite of Glowing: Embarrassing (but Totally Normal) Pregnancy Symptoms

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So much for that pregnancy glow. There are plenty of lovely, delightful side effects to pregnancy, but there are several that can definitely be more than a little embarrassing - especially if an expecting woman has to spend a lot of time in crowded elevators.

  • Invest in Some Pantyliners: An increase in hormone levels causes the vagina to produce more secretions and discharge, a generally harmless albeit messy experience. Discharge that has a strong odor or color should be discussed with the doctor as it could be an infection.
  • Gas Attack: Excuse me! Increased flatulence and belching might be unladylike, but it's pretty unavoidable, thanks to the crowding in the belly as the baby grows.
  • Hypercolor Skin: Linea negra, the scientific term for the dark line that appears on the belly that many pregnant women experience, is the result of increased estrogen levels. It's the same reason many women notice a darkening of the nipples.

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  • A Bit Backed Up: Constipation is one of the more uncomfortable, but totally common, pregnancy side effects. The digestive system slows way down, allowing more nutrients to make their way to the developing baby.
  • Drip Drip Drip: Leaking urine is one of the least convenient side effects of the body preparing to give birth; releasing hormones signal the pelvic to relax, resulting in drips and drabs of urinary incontinence.
  • Breaking Out High School Style: Those pregnancy hormones are at it again. For some lucky gals, pregnancy means nine months of gorgeous, glowing skin; for others, it's nine months of breakouts and blemishes.
Check out the following list, and let us know - what was your most embarrassing pregnancy symptom?

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