Are You Over Parenting?

helicopter parenthelicopter parentBy Lori Gottlieb | genConnect

Today's parents are over-stressed and under too much pressure to produce the perfect kids, says Lori Gottlieb, therapist and author of the Atlantic article "How to Land Your Kid in Therapy: Why our obsession with our kids' happiness may be doing them to unhappy adulthoods."

"I think that parents are a lot more worried today," Gottlieb says. "They feel like, what they see on the news, what can go wrong ... they feel like they have to get [kids] a head start in a way they didn't in previous generations." Watch Gottlieb talk more about why parents are overstressed:

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Whether it be doing baby brain boosters, or getting their children into the "right" preschool and the "right" college, Gottlieb thinks parents are really overworking themselves.

"Look at why you're making the choices you're making," Gottlieb says. "It is to keep up with the Joneses...(or) the Joneses' kids? Why are you feeling that pressure? What do you think is going to best for your child as opposed to what everyone around you is doing?"

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Lori Gottlieb is a writer for The Atlantic and the author of Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough, a surprising look at modern love and marriage.