Palin's do as I say not as I do sex education policy

I don't judge an unwed 17 year old girl who becomes pregnant . I do however judge her parent who fervently espouses abstinence and no sex education, for not providing her children with the knowledge they need to prevent an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

The height of hypocrisy is that Sarah Palin herself became pregnant before she was married and so obviously did not practice the abstinence she wants every other unmarried person to practice.

I'm not advocating against abstinence as the best way to prevent pregnancy or disease but it is obviously unrealistic to think that many young people will not succumb to their hormones. Therefore sex education in school is vital because even today many parents are not comfortable speaking to their children about it .

Sarah Palin should not legislate the behavior of others when she herself could not practice what she preaches and was not a role model for her daughter in practicing abstinence. That same criticism can be applied to her husband and any other man who advocates against sex education and planned parenting for everyone but themselves.