Parenting Guru: Five Places I Want my Child to See

Thinking through this post, I recalled the many places I've visited in my lifetime, mentally flipping through the historical monuments, beaches, restaurants and hotels I've seen. Which ones do I hope my son gets to visit? After thinking for a few days, trying to choose only five, the ones I decided on were simple, and surprised me.

The inside of a soup kitchen: One of my most memorable experiences was the summer I served dinner at a soup kitchen. Talking to the people, learning their names and stories was humbling. I hope my son gets a chance to be a long term volunteer for a group of struggling people. He will learn sympathy and appreciation for what he has.

A United States Navy Homecoming: First, he'll see babies who've never met their dads sitting in decorated strollers, anxious preschoolers jumping up and down in anticipation, and well dressed, impatient wives and husbands awaiting the ships arrival. Then he'll watch as the massive ship pulls into port. The sailors will be standing at attention around the perimeter, the flags will be gently swirling in the wind and the white ocean peaks will twinkle in the sun. The excitement will be unparalleled. There is nothing like a homecoming. Nothing.

The inside of a mall at Christmas: It's a beauty and comfort that is conspicuously absent the rest of the year. But at Christmas, when the garland runs the length of the banisters, the larger then life wreaths hang from the cathedral ceilings and the Christmas tree seems as if it never stops growing, the mall takes on a cozy, generous warmth.

A sunny snowstorm: When the snowflakes are huge and light, and the wind is soft and forgiving, the resulting snow fall is innocent and sweet. The snow accumulates on the yard in blankets. I hope he rolls around in the snow, throws snowballs, and makes snowmen and forts…even when he's an adult.

An event where his entire family and closest friends are present: To have everyone you love in one room is electric. I want him to feel the love of family as often as possible.

Sarahlynne is a Parenting Guru and the author of "Touch," a book for young adults.