Parenting Guru: A Holiday Wish for Military Families

Christmas tree and heartChristmas tree and heartI know some of them are too young to remember.
I know some of them don't really know what's going on.
I know they're happy and distracted.
I know they're proud.

But still-

We watch them run over and kiss the phone when they hear daddy's voice.
We see them laugh and wave at mommy over Skype.
We cringe a little when they ask questions.
We don't know how much to tell them.
When they hear the song daddy always sings, they pause and look around.
They are waiting.
No matter how old they are, they know we're missing a piece.

So if I could give these children one gift for Christmas, it would be their daddy or mommy.

Home from war.
With their family.
For good.

Sarahlynne is a Parenting Guru and navy wife.