Parents React to Casey Anthony NOT GUILTY Verdict

By Barbara Greenberg, PhD and Jennifer Powell-Lunder, PsyD, for


Today, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her beautiful two-year-old daughter, Caylee. Ordinarily, we don't expect to hear murder, mother, and child in the same sentence. Thousands of parents around the country are both blown away and shocked.

On GalTime's Facebook page, shock is overwhelmingly against the verdict. Some comments:

Beverly: 'NO justice for Caylee 7-5-2011

Alicia says "They're complete idiots!!!!!"

Tammy said: "Its just like oj"


Suzanne: "She will meet God one day and won't be able to hide behind her lies"

Ashley: "Stunnnnnnnned"

There was one in favor of the verdict. Kim says, "Happy for her she didn't do it."

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Many of us thought that this mother was guilty of something. After all, her child was unprotected while in her care. It is a mother's primitive instinct to protect her child at all costs. You know the expression -- "Your mother would take a bullet for you."

Yes, most mothers agree that if it was a choice between death for them or their child they would die first. Ask them if they would die for their spouses and the answer is not so clear. This whole case generated a lot of emotion coming from a very primitive place in the hearts and minds of mothers.

So while we know in the eyes of the law that Casey Anthony is not guilty of 1st degree murder, we also know that a child suffered a brutal death while under her watch.

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If you're wondering how Casey's parents Cindy and George reacted-- they left the courtroom before the proceedings were even over while the judge was still speaking.

The jurors in the case aren't talking. She was found guilty of lying to investigators. She'll be sentenced for that on Thursday.

Watch here as the verdict is read and then let us know your thoughts!

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