Passing on your GOOD habits

In the past year or so, I feel my life has gone to shambles. It feels like I´m always trying to play catch up with bills, chores, my child´s schooling...everything. I can never get home and relax because there are always ten things I need to take care of. I see women who are always on top of everything, always making sure they are ahead of schedule so they don´t end up like me. I am always in awe of their ability to do what they need to do and never waiting until it´s too late. The most embarrassing thing is that most of the moms I know have more than one child! How pathetic of me to not be able to keep up with just one!

My fear is that I might be passing off my bad habits to my 7 year old. It used to be so much easier keeping up with everything when she was younger and now I see her becoming more and more like me. Why does she leave her socks on the floor? Because I leave mine on the floor after my work outs. Why does she eat in the car? Because I eat in the car. In order to change her habits, I have to change mine but I don´t even know where to start and I´m actually a little afraid it won´t even work. If I concentrate really hard, I can stay on top of things for a week or so but slowly I´ll go back to my old habits of procrastination. I used to be so good at keeping up and it has slowly declined. It´s disappointing when I see my kiddo mirroring my actions. I don´t know why I ever thought that what I do doesn´t influence what she does because it doesn´t work that way.

Is there any easy way to fix this? If not, what do you think is the best way to approach this? How do you awesome moms do it?