Photo: News of Fifth Son Makes Expectant Mom 'Cry'

photo: Reddit/Isaac FrisbieOh boy. A couple with four sons who discovered they were expecting a baby boy has posted a hilarious gender announcement on Reddit

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The photo, which racked up almost 4,000 comments as of Tuesday afternoon, depicts the mother, Brittany Frisbie, who is around five months pregnant, pretending to cry at the idea of having another boy, while surrounded by her four sons posing in superhero costumes and husband Isaac Frisbie, who is carrying a lightsaber and a toy sword.

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“Both my wife and I come from male-dominated families and we have four sons, so we were hoping for a girl this time,” Isaac Frisbie, 33, a scientist in the Salt Lake City area, told Yahoo! Shine. “On the morning we took the photo, we found out that we were having boy. We were holding hands waiting for the results and when we saw the sonogram, we just looked at each other and smiled—of course it was a boy! However, we care more that our baby is healthy than what gender it is."

Although Isaac had never created a gender announcement before, a similar post he saw online inspired him. So he rounded up his kids Eli, 9, Emerson and Oliver, 5-year-old twins, and Kallan, 3 and had them wear superhero costumes. “With a house full of boys, you can imagine how many we’ve acquired throughout the year,” said Isaac. “We threw tissues on the floor to make it seem like Brittany was crying, and the boys jumped around. It took a few tries because Kallan was more interested in playing with his train set, but we nailed the photo.”

The couple also had a backup plan, should the sonogram reveal the baby was a girl. “I was going to be the one pretending to cry while my wife danced around wearing a tutu and a crown and waving a wand,” says Isaac.

Lately, couples have concocted creative ways to reveal their unborn baby’s gender. In March, ABC News reported on the rise of paint-fight gender reveal parties where expectant parents ask a third party to find out the baby's gender before them—for example, by having a doctor enclose written results in a sealed envelope. The parents then fill two buckets—one with pink paint, the other with blue paint—and they close their eyes. The third party hands the parents the bucket containing the color that represents the gender. Keeping their eyes closed, the parents throw paint from that bucket at each other, then open their eyes to learn the gender.

In May, a Knoxville, Tennessee news station reported that couple Kelly and Joey Burnett threw a “Baseballs or Bows — Be the first to know” theme party and had their friends guess their baby's gender. And in 2012 the New York Times reported on Carl and Carolina Marrelli, a Miami couple that threw a gender reveal party and live-streamed the results to their friends across the country. 

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