Interview with Chef Tim Love: Bribe Your Kids to Try New Foods

If you're a parent, you inevitably experienced a tough time in getting your kids to try certain foods. When it comes to chef Tim Love's kids, his strategy of getting his them to try new foods is literally paying off.
What's his secret? "I just bribe my kids," says Love, father of three. "I pay them to eat crazy stuff. And hopefully, if they like it, they continue to eat it. ... My kids are always adventurous enough to try anything."

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As a busy chef running multiple restaurants in Fort Worth, Texas, how does he juggle a busy work schedule and family? Having a great partner is the key, he says. "It's a tough balance but, for instance, here in Aspen, we bring the kids with us," Love says. "Anytime I can, I bring them with us."

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